In the near future, I'll be posting some original tutorials, mostly dealing with computers, math, and intellectual property laws and practices. From the original version of this site, I have the framework for users to create their own online tutorials with educational resources, and I would like to make that service available as soon as I work out legal and logistics issues. In the meantime, I'll be posting links to other online self-educational resources, since I'd rather focus on creating original work instead of recreating materials that have already been made (and made well) by others.

External Resources


W3Schools is a great resource for anyone interested in building a web page. It has tutorials that start at the basics of HTML and move up through Javascript, SQL, PHP, and HTML5. I started with W3Schools when I first got involved in web development, and I found it very easy to follow. The references at W3Schools are also handy for more advanced users who want to learn about something specific. Although W3Schools has some simple examples for users to play with, I might post some supplementary materials like more advanced source code so users can see how different resources can be used together.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a revolutionary approach to online teaching from the brilliant Salman ("Sal") Khan. The site focuses on video lectures and interactive exercises, so users can first learn a concept and then do exercises in that concept with interactive feedback. Here's a video from a TED talk in which Sal explains Khan Academy himself. Although Khan Academy is generally geared towards kids in middle or high school, there are plenty of videos that are relevant for all ages, such as Sal's lectures on the U.S. credit crisis and current economics.